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We are excited to announce our partnership with Emily McAteer and Odyssey Energy Solutions, a marketplace platform that offers a freemium, business in a box solution to scale in renewable energy projects around the world. To date, they have facilitated over $1BN of financing having raised very little capital with global, institutional grade investors on the platform.

It’s expected that investment in energy supply and infrastructure will surpass $173T over the next 30 years, and we believe distributed renewable energy (DRE) is one of the fastest growing subsectors that is leapfrogging the grid in emerging markets, where 3.5B people don’t have reliable access to power. As the cost of renewable technology continues to fall alongside an increasingly strained grid infrastructure, we believe that there’s never been a more prescient time to build modern tools for developers to improve how they finance and run their businesses, while offering a way to scale institutional grade investment portfolios for the largest investors on the planet.

What struck us most about Emily and her team was an authentic vision to to improve the livelihood of billions of people with an approach that leveraged technology to bring tools of mass innovation to developers to instituationalize DRE as an asset class. Her long time work advocating for distributed solar had prepared her for this mission as DRE has quickly leapfrogged centralized grids, creating an opportunity to improve the flow of dollars in one of the world’s largest markets. Much of this growth is driven by a large, fragmented set of developers that have the local, on the ground knowledge to build distributed energy resources but lack access to financing, scaled procurement and modern software tools to optimize project level returns.

Odyssey solves this with an end to end software and asset management platform that has three core feature (i) access to project and private capital financing from the world’s biggest investors for commercial, industrial and community renewable solutions (ii) aggregated procurement that enables scaled pricing for the long tail of developers and (iii) remote monitoring and data collection to drive improved underwriting, creating a virtuous flywheel with institutional investors, developers and OEMs around the world. The go to market of a freemium, business in a box, creates a virtuous flywheel: as more institutional grade investors come onto the platform, more developers build on the platform, scaling procurement volume with OEMs and portfolio level data that enriches the financing marketplace.

We are excited to support Emily and team on this ambitious journey and look forward to seeing them build the future that we want to live in.